Information on new graduate recruitment for 2019 is shown below.
Please check Mynavi 2019 for more details.

・Technical (Design & Development, CAD/CAM, Production Technology)
Positions available ・A few
Work Location ・Sales: Head Office (Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo)
・Technical: Fukushima Plant (Yabuki-machi, Nishi-Shirakawa-gun, Fukushima Prefecture)
Work Hours ・Head Office: 8:30 am – 5:15 pm (45 min. break)
・Fukushima Plant: 8:00 am – 4:45 pm (45 min. break)

Contact recruitment personnel at the Administration Block, Fukushima Plant for more information.
Fukushima Plant: 550 Nishi-Nagamine, Yabuki-machi, Nishi-Shirakawa-gun, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, 969-0226
TEL: 0248-44-2100 (Main) FAX: 0248-44-2104

Please apply for new graduate recruitment through the Mynavi 2019 website. We will announce the schedule for new graduate recruitment to applicants through Mynavi when the details are determined.

Mynavi 2019



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