Corporate Philosophy

TFO Corporation
–Corproate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

TFO Corporation strives for unique technical development and innovation, provides high-quality products around the globe, seeks business stability and promotes employee happiness through contributions to the development of society and the advancement of customer businesses.

TFO Corporation Code of Conduct

The TFO Corporation code of conduct can be described in three keywords; diligence, honesty, and gratitude.
Since its foundation, TFO has been guided by these three keywords when considering its role as a company and its attitude toward work; and it will continue to follow them into the future.


Diligence means hard work. We grow not by performing work, but by understanding the meaning of the work and striving always to fulfill our potential. If we identify the potential of the work, we can understand its depth and the enjoyment that we can derive from it. As we experience the joy of the work, we enter the positive cycle of professional learning and growth.


Honesty is the absence of lying and cheating. Preventing dishonesty is essential in building trusting relationships with others. It is only when we enjoy trusting relationships that we can truly exert our abilities to move forward together.


Gratitude is feeling thankful. We can only accomplish big projects with the support and cooperation of others. When we appreciate such support and cooperation, people are happy to help more. It is the same with work. Without support and cooperation from others, big projects are impossible. Gratitude is essential to setting the same goals and moving toward them.

2021 Basic Policy

Operation Policy

TFO Corporation promotes the development of next-generation technology, keeps abreast of production technology and commits itself to the stable provision of high-quality products. Through such activities, we strive to gain and maintain customer trust and achieve further growth as a parts manufacturer.

  • Safety first
  • Increasing sales and adding value
  • Development of next-generation technology and advancing production technology
  • Comprehensive reinforcement of production quality, cost, delivery, and development(QCDD)
  • Environmental contamination prevention and reduction of environmental load
  • Legal compliance
  • Continual management system improvement



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